Experience since 35 years in the field of meteorological and environmental instruments.

J. Aguirre s.l., is an expanding company that prides itself on 35 years experience in the field of meteorological and environmental instruments.

The Company

With experience and competence of more than 35 years, J. Aguirre s.l. is a benchmark in the area of supplying, operation, maintenance and repair of the equipment applied for measurement of air quality and meteorological data.

Honoring our origins, we are dedicated to the maintenance of the instruments, which are used to monitor the meteorological parameters and environmental pollutants, both in industrial (emission), and measurement stations for urban or rural environments (immission), as in water; at present, we cover a wide spectrum of actions within the field of environmental control. All these are done while committing to quality and better environment. Few embodiments of our dedication to quality are our certifications in ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Benefitting from our extensive experience, we offer a distinguishing advantage for our Clients: our specialized technical department, with its orientation on problem solving while promising objectivity is a true benefit for our Clients.

In recent years, in order to cater to the needs of market, our Technical Department collaborates closely with our Compliance Department in the field of Air Quality, to respond quickly to legal needs and requirements arising from the new regulations, which aim at improvement of Air quality.

What do we do