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We have the experience, technical and human resources necessary for the realization of any installation, both in industrial environments (Emissions), measurement stations for urban or rural environments (Imissions), meteorological stations, instruments in laboratories or any type of points of sampling.

With highly qualified technical staff and rich experience in the Environmental sector as well as delegations in Madrid, La Coruña and Zaragoza.

As a guarantee of project execution, J. Aguirre s.l. has the classification and category corresponding to Group P, Subgroup 01 Category D, granted by the Administrative Contracting Advisory Board of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Spain confirming our company’s capacity to carry out maintenance work and installation of instruments and electronic equipment.

In addition to this, we present specialized experience in installation and maintenance of gas analyzers of the brands THERMO ENVIRONMENTAL, MCV, DASIBI, MONITOR LABS, LEAR SIEGLER, API, HORIBA etc, particle analyzers TEOM, FAG, ESM ANDERSEN, IND, DIGITEL, CASELLA, CAMPBELL, MET-ONE, CASELLA, MRI, THIES CLIMATE, DAVIS etc, BTX AMA, HORIBA, etc, combustion analyzers IMR, TESTO, MRU, TECORA, ECOM, RBR, etc., and probes Isokinetics ANDERSEN, TECORA, NAPP, etc.

We have implemented a Quality system certified according to ISO 9001:2015, in order to guarantee our quality in maintenance and operation services within our area of performance. The scope of certification is:

“Installation, maintenance, calibration and sale of meteorological and environmental instrumentation equipment”..

We are also certified with the Environmental Management certification according to the EN ISO 14001:2015 Standard.