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With more than 35 years of experience, our Technical Laboratory specializes in the maintenance and repair of:

  • Continuous gas Analysers: Teledyne, Thermo, Horiba, Ecotech, Environement, ABB, Siemens, Servomex.
  • Particle Monitors: FAI, Comde Derenda, Thermo, Met One, TEOM, ESM Andersen, Eberline.
  • Sampling particulate matter: Derenda, FAI, MCZ, MCV, Digitel, Sven Leckel, Mega System, Tecora.
  • Mercury Vapour Analyzers.
  • OC / EC organic and elemental carbon analyzers
  • Meteorological sensors: Campbell, Met One, Casella, Lambrecht, Theodor Friederich, Davis, Young, Skye, Vaisalla.
  • Combustion analyzers: IMR, Testo, MRU, Tecora, ECOM, RBR.
  • Isokinetic probes: Tecora, Andersen, NAPP.
  • BTX analyzers: AMA, Horiba.
  • Take samples of water and rain collectors.
  • Laboratory instrumentation.